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Social tools have evolved well beyond Facebook and Twitter, and businesses are now using social platforms as a way for their employees to collaborate in a more coordinated way.

In 2011 Pearson launched a social collaboration platform, across the whole organization, based on technology from Jive Software. Branded as “Neo”, the platform replaced its existing 130 intranets and united employees, information and systems, with a single point of access to collaborate and communicate.

From 2012-2015 I worked on over 95+ business units across Pearson, from Rights and Permissions and Customer Service to Diversity and Inclusion just to name a few, in both design and content management of their “Neo” sites. 
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The V.P. of Customer Support was looking for a portal whereby employees would have easy access to the business units vision, announcements, and their support areas. 

I took their ideas and content and turned them into a “clean” and easy to navigate site for both the
Integrated Customer Operating Model (ICOM) North America and the Customer Support area.
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With ten various office locations across the country and abroad, offering “walk-up” tech support, the IT Group needed a central “HUB” for employees to access information with regard to support hours, location, contacts, and services.
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The Pearson Foundation and Room to Read are global organizations dedicated to promoting and enabling education in developing countries.  

As a way to promote the Foundation and to engage employees in participating, through donations or volunteering, it was suggested a corporate
“splash page” was needed for the event.  

Based on the “look and feel” of the external website I created a landing page to meet those needs. Individual donations both internal and external resulted in $26k which Pearson matched.
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Worked closely with Pearson North America’s HR team to develop a centrally located site where management would have access to the tools, documentation, forms, and FAQs needed to support their employees through the performance cycle.
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This is great! Bravo! Looks clean, it’s simple and it’s focused. I love it!
Ines Fajardo
Pearson Desktop Support
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Oh my, what you have done in 30-min is absolutely fantastic. I am amazed and extremely happy.
Adam Smith
Pearson Global Procurement
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I want to send a sincere THANK YOU to Jeff Carson and the Project Team and Advisors who made our very own, new and completely awesome Neo site possible!  You really did exceed my expectations and have set the standard for others to follow. 

I couldn't be more proud, and I want you to know how much this hard work is appreciated!

Our team is simply amazing!
Brad Krinhop
Vice President, Customer Support - North America

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