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Whether you need a site designed from scratch or you would like help navigating tools such as Wordpress, Wix or Weebly, our team can transform your ideas into a stunning web presence in a few simple steps.

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Debbie Weymss
DW Consulting Services

West Palm Beach, FL

LinkedIn Specialist/Coach
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LaFleur de Beauté A Day Spa

Day spa located just outside of Syracuse,NY. Graphics and content updates.
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Sheryl Mazuk
SFX Makeup Artist
West Palm Beach, FL

Upcoming makeup artist.

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Brent Poleski
Casa Polecat
Punta Playa Vistas, Costa Rica

Vacation rental in beautiful Costa Rica.
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The Rights and Permissions department wanted an external site where they could share information with Pearson’s authors.
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Jake McCoy
Norfolk, VA

Talented singer/songwriter. Site mockup.
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The Pearson Foundation and Room to Read are global organizations dedicated to promoting and enabling education in developing countries.  

A corporate
“splash page” was needed for the event. Donations resulted in $26k which Pearson matched.
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I wanted to write to say thank you so much for your help in designing the Neo page for Learning Assessment's Item Bank.

You took my thoughts and turned them into a fully-realized, engaging reality! I really appreciate how you answered my call from out of the blue, took up the challenge, and ran with it.

I can't thank you enough!
Tara Houlihan Manager
Pearson Item Bank
Learning Assessments
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I LOVE what you do. You are so damn creative... this is amazing. THANK YOU for everything you're doing - you are beyond-words-FANTASTIC for all you've done.
Debbie Wemyss
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What you did in just a short time is amazing! It’s a pleasure working with you!
Annie Christian-Reuter
Horticulture Community Educator
Cornell University Cooperative Extension

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